2014-15 All-State Audition Music

For more detailed information: https://www.tmea.org/divisions-regions/vocal/audition-material

2014-15 Audition Material for Region 27

District Auditions

  • Suffer No Grief (Women)
  • Go Lovely Rose (Men)
  • Chariots
  • In the Night We Shall Go In
  • Justorum Animae

Region Auditions

  • Iubilate Deo (Women)
  • Northern Lights (Women)
  • Gloria (Men)
  • Majko (Men)
  • Coelos Ascendit Hodie
  • Singet Dem Herrn (m. 255-END)

Pre-Area and Area Auditions

  • Singet Dem Herrn (All of it)
  • Iubilate Deo (Women)
  • Go Lovely Rose (Men)

To order music, call either AMC Music (713-802-2900) or The Music Rack (800-310-8727); Ask for a Girl’s Packet or Boy’s Packet.

2014-15 All-State Music

All-State Mixed
Singet dem Herrn (Ms. 1-151) - Bach
Hallelujah (Beat 2 of Ms. 255-367 from Singet dem Herrn)- Bach
1) Justorum Animae (from 3 Motets) - Stanford
2) Coelos ascendit - Stanford
In the Night We Shall Go In - Raminsh
Chariots - Peter Van Dijk
All-State Women
Suffer No Grief - Betinis
Northern Lights - Esenvalds
Jubilate Deo - Gyongyosi
All-State Men
Gloria- Butler
Go, Lovely Rose - Stroope
#5 Majk, majko selena (from Jara se otvira)Lukas


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