District Audition Update

District Auditions are this Saturday, September 20th!!

Students that have chosen to audition must participate in Mock Auditions on Wednesday, September 17th after school.

The selections to be auditioned are:

Suffer No Grief – Women
Go, Lovely Rose – Men

*** Students will not audition “In the Night We Shall Go In” ***

– More details regarding the audition day will be given to students this week –

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2014-15 All-State Audition Music

For more detailed information: https://www.tmea.org/divisions-regions/vocal/audition-material

2014-15 Audition Material for Region 27

District Auditions

  • Suffer No Grief (Women)
  • Go Lovely Rose (Men)
  • Chariots
  • In the Night We Shall Go In
  • Justorum Animae

Region Auditions

  • Iubilate Deo (Women)
  • Northern Lights (Women)
  • Gloria (Men)
  • Majko (Men)
  • Coelos Ascendit Hodie
  • Singet Dem Herrn (m. 255-END)

Pre-Area and Area Auditions

  • Singet Dem Herrn (All of it)
  • Iubilate Deo (Women)
  • Go Lovely Rose (Men)

To order music, call either AMC Music (713-802-2900) or The Music Rack (800-310-8727); Ask for a Girl’s Packet or Boy’s Packet.

2014-15 All-State Music

All-State Mixed
Singet dem Herrn (Ms. 1-151) - Bach
Hallelujah (Beat 2 of Ms. 255-367 from Singet dem Herrn)- Bach
1) Justorum Animae (from 3 Motets) - Stanford
2) Coelos ascendit - Stanford
In the Night We Shall Go In - Raminsh
Chariots - Peter Van Dijk
All-State Women
Suffer No Grief - Betinis
Northern Lights - Esenvalds
Jubilate Deo - Gyongyosi
All-State Men
Gloria- Butler
Go, Lovely Rose - Stroope
#5 Majk, majko selena (from Jara se otvira)Lukas


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