Cy-Fair High School Choir

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Talent Show Contestants

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for Cy-Fair’s Got Talent! It was a fun process and it was a tough decision for our judges. It is very clear that Cy-Fair definitely has talent!

Congratulations to the following students for making it into Cy-Fair’s Got Talent! Next to your name you will find a time in which you are to be in the auditorium for your REQUIRED dress rehearsal. Please be prompt and ready to run your act in costume with all music, props, etc. 

Dress Rehearsal: Monday, November 16th in the Auditorium.

Reminder: You MUST e-mail your music tracks to Mr. Key ASAP at .

Congratulations to the following students:

1.) James Neace. and Christian Vogler – 3:15

2.) Diamond Stevenson – 3:30

3.) Zach Johns and Trey Black – 3:45

4.) Noelle Yegge – 4:00

5.) Brennan Passon – 4:15

6.) Arrington and Chara – 4:30

7.) YLPA/YMPA – Catherine Roberts, Danisha Chatman, Krystal Brown, Lasonta Jackson, Khalan Adams, Kaylyn Brooks, Chloe Crowther, Coyt Palmer, Jaden Washington, Rudy Pena – 4:45

8.) Gia Garcia – 5:00

9.) Steven Woods – 5:15

10.) Ashley Mullen and Eloise Westlake – 5:30

11.) Rachel Sorrells – 5:45

12.) Chris Sullivan and Drew Tucker – 6:00


Region Choir Results

We are proud of ALL of the students who participated and represented our program at the TMEA Region 27 Choir Auditions. It was a great day of auditions! The top 17 chairs from each room will be in the Region 27 Mixed Choir. Chairs 18-37 will be a part of the Region 27 Treble Choir. Congratulations to the following students for placing in a region choir:

Bass 2
Jordan Sherrill – 5*
Collin Deister – 14

Bass 1
Bret Parker – 11*
Cody Brown – 14

Tenor 2
Minh Tran – 3*
Adam Sundquist – 12*

Tenor 1
Jed Dvoracek – 6*
Cade Deister – 7*
Paolo Scala – 16

Alto 2
Phuong Mai – 15
Julia Kim – 20
Karen Tran – 21
Randa Poor – 25
Elizabeth Killough – 26

Alto 1
Amy Akins – 1*
Jordan Choate – 4*
Alex Slaid – 8*
Courtney Mayes – 25
Sofia Oviedo – 30
Maia Johnson – 31

Soprano 2
Samantha Haydel – 3*
Emma Ludlow – 21

Soprano 1
Rachael Kim – 17
Emma White – 24
Rachel Akins – 31
Caroline Smith – 34


*Students who are advancing to Pre-Area Auditions

District Results!

Congratualtions to all of our students who competed at District Auditions! Cy-Fair was well represented. The following students have successfully advanced to Region Choir auditions in October:

Soprano 1s
Rachael Kim

Emma White
Ria Blank
Rachel Akins
Caroline Smith

Soprano 2s
Emma Ludlow
Amy Tu
Samantha Haydel

Alto 1s
Amy Akins
Jordan Choate
Priya Nair
Alex Slaid
Sofia Oviedo
Courtney Mayes
Maia Johnson

Alto 2s
Randa Poor
Julia Kim
Karen Tran
Phuong Mai
Elizabeth Killough
Rachel Dexter
Johana Garcia

Tenor 1s
Jed Dvoracek
Cade Deister
Paolo Scala
Aaron Austin

Tenor 2s
Adam Sundquist

Bass 1s
Bret Parker

Cody Brown
Jonathan Killough
Kellen Long
Nathan Franz

Bass 2s
Jordan Sherrill
Collin Deister
Bobby Reyes