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Cy-Fair Choir Posts

Cy-Fair’s Got Talent Contestants

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Congratulations to all students who auditioned for Cy-Fair’s Got Talent!  The following students will be competing in Cy-Fair’s Got Talent on Thursday, February 26, 7pm!  Please purchase a ticket for $8 at lunch or $10 at the door.

Talent Show contestants must attend the dress rehearsal on Tuesday in the auditorium at the time next to their name below (please arrive 10 mins early).  Please wear whatever you are planning to wear for the show so we can set your lights appropriately.  If you are using background music, make sure you have it with you on a CD ready to go!

Cy-Fair’s Got Talent!

6:00  Bollywood Fusion
6:10  Stepping group: Chloe, LaSonta, Yanik, Khalan, Kaylyn
6:20  Yaminel Arzola and Jackson Gilbreath
6:30  Chara Tatum and Arrington Level
6:40  Kayla Butler
6:50  Alexander Hammack
7:00  Valerie Parker
7:10  Christina Miller
7:20  Raphael General
7:30  CJ Rogers
7:40  Miguel Maldonado
7:50  Katie Ricks and Renee McCellon
8:00  Devon Rain
8:10  Amanda Gibbens
8:20  Brenden Dupuis
8:30  James Neace
8:40  Grant and Ryan Steppe
8:50  Rudy Pena
9:00  Vincent Tran

Talent Show Auditions

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Choir students! Be sure to tell your friends that auditions for this year’s “Cy-Fair’s Got Talent” will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 18th and 19th, in the choir room. Students who are interested in auditioning can sign-up by the vending machines during lunches. All students interested in signing up must be passing all of their classes in order to participate. Auditionees must also be available on Tuesday and Thursday, February 24th and 26th, for the show’s dress rehearsal and live performance. Be ready to show us your stuff! Students who are selected from the audition will have a chance to “Wow” the audience and a panel of guest judges in hopes of winning a cash prize and immeasurable glory!

Great Show

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Congrats to all of our students who were a part of Showstoppers: Songs from the Screen! The show was of high quality and a huge success! Your talents were on full display, you lived up to all of the hype, and your hard work truly paid off –bravo!

Special shout-outs to all of the volunteers and guest performers who gave up their time to help and contribute to the overall success of the show – we couldn’t have done it without you!


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Congrats to all of those who participated in Solo and Ensemble on Friday and Saturday, January 23 and 24!

Superior Ratings, Solos:

Amy Akins
Karman Amdal
Madeline Beus
Georgia Borak
Courtney Cernosek
Jordan Choate
Lauren Howard
Emma Ludlow
Jacqueline Martinez
Kelsey McCown
Brook McGehee
Kara O’Connell
Alexandra Slaid
Caroline Smith
Penelope Ybarra
Jessica Allen
Jilliane Anaya
Hannah Benham
Elizabeth Broyles
Sarah Buss
Adriana Contreras
Rachel Dexter
Mariah Duran
Sydney Fabregas
Katelyn Giambernardi
Samantha Haydel
Natalie Jasik
Claire Levinson
Maria Lopez
Priya Nair
Sofie Oviedo
Randa Poor
Maddie Raia
Jessica Riley
Maryann SagayaBabu
Kennedi Shipman
Jewel Tapp
Amy Tu
Krista Weycker
Megan Bitner
Madi Christian
Faith Courtney
Ashlynn Kimball
Maia Lance
Emily Martinez
Hailey Schaefer
Kalyssa Walker
Travis Bassett
Cody Brown
Jed Dvoracek
Collin Beus
Parker Beus
Cade Deister
Collin Deister
Jackson Guerry
Cortland Hughes
Daniel Ocampo
Isaac Salas
Paolo Scala
Jordan Sherrill
Tai Thomas
Nathan Franz
Adam Sundquist
Griffin Turley

Superior Rating Ensembles:

Karmal Amdal, Natalie Jasik, Claire Levinson, Maria Lopez, Courtney Mayes, Priya Nair

Megan Bitner, Madi Christian, Faith Courtney, Emily Martinez, Autumn Wade, Lauren Rivera

Elizabeth Broyles, Samantha Haydel, Elena McGown, Macey Parr, Serafina Rodriguez

Cade Deister, Lucas Detering, Nathan Franz, Jackson Guerry, Adam Sundquist, Griffin Turley

Aaron Austin, Cody Brown, Jordan Choate, Collin Deister, Sydney Fabregas, Richard Garcia, DJ Gibson, Claire Ginger, Lauren Howard, Burgundy Johnson, Emma Ludlow, Kelsey McCown, Brook McGehee, Daniel Ocampo, Randa Poor, Zachary Ralph, Kalli Sandel, Paolo Scala, Alexandra Slaid, Caroline Smith, Jewel Tapp

Excellent Rating Solos:

Maia Johnson
Tamara Koenen
Sara Lopez
Kalli Sandel
Burgundy Johnson
Sarah Meldrum
Kerbie Reed
Juli Tran
Abigail Zelaya
Autumn Wade
Joey Thurston
Minh Tran
Lucas Detering

Excellent Rating Ensembles:

Jessica Allen, Jilliane Anaya, Sarah Meldrum, Gissel Navarrete, Camille Pierson, Abigail Zelaya

Hannah Benham, Chase Budai, Rachel Dexter, Katelyn Giambernardi, Kaitlyn Hernandez, Kalyssa Walker

Adriana Contreras, Sofia Oviedo, Kerbie Reed, Jessica Riley, Amy Tu

Mariah Duran, Molly O’Donnell, Maryann SagayaBabu, Krista Weycker

Mandy Dowling, Hadley Greene, Alonna Norris, Mariel Placeres, Maddie Raia, Hailey Schaefer

Good Rating Solos:

Courtney Mayes

Good Rating Ensembles:

Madeline Beus, Maia Johnson, Jacqueline Martinez

The Cy-Fair Choir Program was represented very well. Way to go Bobcats, you rock!

Solo and Ensemble – Jan. 23 & 24

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We are looking forward to seeing a strong Cy-Fair representation at this year’s Solo and Ensemble Competition!

Solo and Ensemble Competition will be held at:

Cypress Lakes HS.
5750 Greenhouse Road
Katy, TX 77449

Forgot what time you perform? Click on the following link to see the full schedule for solo and ensemble: Solo and Ensemble 2015 Participant Details – Schedule

Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to perform.  All selections must be 100% MEMORIZED.

Good luck, Bobcats, and do your best!

Pre-Area and Houston Tree Lighting

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Good luck to our Pre-Area Candidates!

We have 9 students competing in the 3rd round of the Texas All-State Choir Process at Memorial High School on Thursday, December 04, 2014. They are:

Chris Walker
Jordan Haynes
DJ Gibson
Nico Scala
Cody Brown
Jed Dvoracek
Rachael Kim
Jordan Sherrill
Paolo Scala

They’ve been working so hard and we wish them the best of luck! We’re already so proud of you!

Cy-Fair High School Chorale to perform at City of Houston Holiday Celebration

When: Fri, December 5, 6pm – 8pm

Where: City Hall 901 Bagby St., Houston, TX 77002 (map)

Attire for students: Black pants or dress/skirt with black leggings, Christmas red Sweater or shirt with no print, black socks and black shoes.

Ring in the season with the Mayor’s Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting Presented by Reliant on Friday, December 5, 2014 in the heart of downtown Houston. The spectacular event is a holiday tradition of music, Santa, and family fun. A towering Holiday Tree, glowing with energy efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lights, shimmering ornaments and a stunning star topper will light up the streets of downtown Houston this holiday season. The event is free and open to the public. Go to

Chorale will leave right after school on Friday by bus. The City of Houston will feed the students at City Hall. The performance portion is from 6-7PM. Students are free to go home with students but we need a note to release students.

Showstoppers Results

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We are so proud of all of our students that chose to audition for Showstoppers. As usual, it was extremely difficult to narrow down the acts; however, below you will find the solo and small group acts that will be featured in Showstoppers 2015.

Please have a safe and restful Thanksgiving break. We will see you on Monday, December 1st!

Showstoppers 2015

1. Sydney Martin
2. Amy Akins
3. Jordan Haynes
4. Courtney Mayes
5. Tamara Koenen
6. Priya Nair
7. Collin Deister
8. Sydney Fabregas
9. Isaac Salas
10. Sarah Buss
11. Kelsey McCown & Caroline Smith
12. Jordan Sherrill
13. Jordan Choate & Jacob McNeil
14. Paolo Scala, Tai Thomas, Mariah Duran, Molly O’Donnell, Krista Weycker
15. Paolo Scala
16. Sara Lopez & Maria Lopez
17. Sara Lopez & Phuong Mai
18. Courtney Cernosek
19. Jed Dvoracek
20. Vanessa Rodriguez
21. Michelle Goodwin
22. Kelsey McCown
23. Nico Scala & Chris Walker
24. Nico Scala
25. Aughtney Black
26. Marijke Smet
27. Kayla Butler & Andrew Holst
28. Chris Walker
29. Sydney Martin, Megan Suescan, Chris Walker & Nico Scala
30. Senior Song
31. Kaylin Jones
32. Kalyssa Walker
33. Maia Johnson
34. Parker Beus
35. Kara O’Connell and Jordan Haynes