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Showstoppers Results

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We are so proud of all of our students that chose to audition for Showstoppers. As usual, it was extremely difficult to narrow down the acts; however, below you will find the solo and small group acts that will be featured in Showstoppers 2015.

Please have a safe and restful Thanksgiving break. We will see you on Monday, December 1st!

Showstoppers 2015

1. Sydney Martin
2. Amy Akins
3. Jordan Haynes
4. Courtney Mayes
5. Tamara Koenen
6. Priya Nair
7. Collin Deister
8. Sydney Fabregas
9. Isaac Salas
10. Sarah Buss
11. Kelsey McCown & Caroline Smith
12. Jordan Sherrill
13. Jordan Choate & Jacob McNeil
14. Paolo Scala, Tai Thomas, Mariah Duran, Molly O’Donnell, Krista Weycker
15. Paolo Scala
16. Sara Lopez & Maria Lopez
17. Sara Lopez & Phuong Mai
18. Courtney Cernosek
19. Jed Dvoracek
20. Vanessa Rodriguez
21. Michelle Goodwin
22. Kelsey McCown
23. Nico Scala & Chris Walker
24. Nico Scala
25. Aughtney Black
26. Marijke Smet
27. Kayla Butler & Andrew Holst
28. Chris Walker
29. Sydney Martin, Megan Suescan, Chris Walker & Nico Scala
30. Senior Song
31. Kaylin Jones
32. Kalyssa Walker
33. Maia Johnson
34. Parker Beus
35. Kara O’Connell and Jordan Haynes

Showstoppers Ads

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Showstoppers 2015 may not be until February, but it is already time to purchase advertisements for the program. We offer both Student and Business Ads in multiple sizes. This is a fantastic opportunity to display your support of the Cy-Fair High School Choir Program to hundreds of members of the Cy-Fair community. Showstoppers runs February 6, 7, and 9, 2015!!

Ads must be submitted via e-mail to by Friday, December 19, 2014. For more details and payment options, visit the Showstoppers page.

Region Weekend

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Region Weekend is THIS Friday and Saturday, November 14-15, 2014! It is a tremendous honor to be a part of the Region 27 All-Region Weekend!! Congratulations to the students who were selected to perform (their names are listed in the next post).

Friday’s rehearsal will be at Cy-Ridge HS.  The bus will depart Cy-Fair HS at 3:45 PM on Friday and return at 8:45 PM. Dinner will be provided.

Saturday’s rehearsal will be at Tallowood Baptist Church.  The bus will depart Cy-Fair HS at 7:45 AM on Saturday.  Students must be picked up from Tallowood Baptist Church following the 5 o’clock concert. Lunch will be provided.

Family and Friends are encouraged to attend the 5 o’clock concert on Saturday (all students must be picked up from Tallowood Baptist following the concert).

Tallowood Baptist Church
555 Tallowood Rd
Houston, TX 77024

Students must have real copies of all of their music that will be performed this weekend and their formal choir uniforms. CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, plaques, and other memorabilia will be available for purchase Saturday evening.

All of this information went home with your student last week, so please ask them or e-mail the directors if you have any questions!

Region Audition Results

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Congratulations to the following Bobcat Choir members who will be participating in the Region Choir Weekend November 15-16!

Mixed Choir

Soprano 1
Rachael Kim – 12th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions

Soprano 2
Samantha Haydel – 14th chair

Alto 1
Jordan Haynes, 3rd chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Sara Lopez, 13th chair

Alto 2
Kara O’Connell, 15th chair

Tenor 1
Nico Scala, 6th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Paolo Scala, 8th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions

Tenor 2
Jed Dvoracek, 6th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Travis Bassett, 16th chair

Bass 1
DJ Gibson, 12th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions

Bass 2
Chris Walker, 3rd chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Jordan Sherrill, 6th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Cody Brown, 10th chair, advancing to Pre-Area Auditions
Bret Parker, 14th chair


Treble Choir

Soprano 1
Caroline Smith – 21st chair
Maryann Sagayababu – 34th chair
Lauren Howard – 35th chair
Jennifer Franta – 36th chair

Soprano 2
Emma Ludlow – 31st chair

Alto 1
Alex Slaid, 18th chair
Amy Akins, 21st chair
Sofie Oviedo, 23rd chair
Sydney Martin, 28th chair
Kelsey McCown, 29th chair
Maia Johnson, 36th chair

Alto 2
Maria Lopez, 22nd chair
Rachel Dexter, 29th chair
Elizabeth Killough, 33rd chair


Honor Choir

Elizabeth Broyles
Sarah Meldrum

Serafina Rodriguez
Emily Martinez

Jackson Guerry
Chandler Ellison

Nathan Franz
Cade Deister

Region Auditions are Saturday!

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Good luck to our 47 Region candidates this weekend!

Please wear your new choir shirt, arrive at 7:30am, leave all electronic devices at home, and bring your original copies of music.

Region Auditions are on October 18 at CYPRESS RANCH HIGH SCHOOL!
Make sure you are practicing everyday. Region Mock Auditions will be held on Wednesday, October 15 in the Choir Room. The pieces that are being auditioned are:

Iubilate Deo (Women)
Gloria (Men)
Singet dem Herrn ein Neues Lied (starting in mm. 255)
Coelos ascendit hodie

Best of luck in your preparation!

Showstoppers Auditions

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Showstoppers auditions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 5 and 6, after school in the choir room. Students auditioning will need to have their own accompaniment track with a song that is no longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Each song must be from a movie or a television show. Only seniors may do slow songs. Auditions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

We are looking forward to seeing your audition — good luck!

Spring Trip Payment – October 17

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images (4)The next South Padre trip payment is for $50 and is due Friday, October 17. You can pay through your Charms account or send cash or a check (made payable to Cy-Fair Choir) with your student to the choir room. This payment may be made anytime before October 17. If you have any questions or concerns about a trip payment, please contact the choir office.

District Choir Auditions

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CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for making the ALL-DISTRICT CHOIR and advancing to Region Auditions (at Cy-Woods on October 18):

Caroline Smith
Rachael Kim
Jennifer Franta
Sydney Fabregas
Maryann Sagayababu
Lauren Howard
Megan Suescun
Rachel Austin
Penelope Ybarra
Natalie Jasik
Courtney Mayes
Courtney Cernosek
Samantha Haydel
Emma Ludlow
Jordan Choate
Amy Akins
Adriana Contreras
Sara Lopez
Maia Johnson
Serafina Rodriguez
Sydney Martin
Jordan Haynes
Alexandra Slaid
Kelsey McCown
Rachel Auippa
Sofia Oviedo
Johana Garcia
Kara O’Connell
Maria Lopez
Julia Kim
Rachel Dexter
Elizabeth Killough
Marijke Smet
Camille Pierson
Nico Scala
Paolo Scala
James Dvoracek
Travis Bassett
Mason Brown
Aaron Austin
DJ Gibson
Collin Deister
Nathan Franz
David Heaton
Jordan Sherill
Cody Brown
Joshua Altman
Bret Parker
Christopher Walker

District Audition Update

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District Auditions are this Saturday, September 20th!!

Students that have chosen to audition must participate in Mock Auditions on Wednesday, September 17th after school.

The selections to be auditioned are:

Suffer No Grief – Women
Go, Lovely Rose – Men

*** Students will not audition “In the Night We Shall Go In” ***

— More details regarding the audition day will be given to students this week —