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Support Cy-Fair Choir!

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Want to support Cy-Fair Choir?

So Cy-Fair Choir is doing a cool fundraiser you should check out! There’s wrapping paper, cookware, monogrammed personal items, travel items, etc.

Tons of items for everyone, great Christmas shopping items, and you will support Cy-Fair Choir!

  1. Go to
  2. Click “shop now” in the top right hand corner
  3. Click “school credit only”
  4. For school ID, enter: 12541
  5. Click: shop!

It’ll be delivered straight to your house. Pretty cool!

2017-18 All-State Slate

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Gloria 1
Gloria 4
I am Loved
Men: Fight the Good Fight
Women: Ave Generosa

Gloria 2
Gloria 3
The Signs of the Judgement
Men: O Vos Omnes
Women: La Danza

Gloria 5
Gloria 6
The Signs of the Judgement
Men: She Walks in Beauty
Women: Celebramus

Gloria 5
Gloria 6
The Signs of the Judgement
Men: She Walks in Beauty
Women: Celebramus

2017-18 All-State Choir Music

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The All-State Choir Music has been released! Please call AMC Music at 713-802-2900 to request music.

Mixed Choir

Gloria – Francis Poulenc

I Am Loved – Christopher Harris

Signs of the Judgment – Mark Butler

To Thee, Cherubim and Seraphim – G.F. Handel/Favazza

Treble Choir

Ave Generosa – Ola Gjeilo

Celebremus – Romona Luengen

La Danza – Rossini/Mulholland

Men’s Choir

Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might – John Gardener

O Vos Omnes – Pablo Casals

She Walks in Beauty – Connor Koppin

Here are the list of camps we recommend.

Stay tuned for specific information repertoire being auditioned at District, Region, Pre-Area and Area.

2017-18 Women’s Chamber Choir

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Congratulations to the inaugural Women’s Chamber Choir!

Blank, Kathryn

Bullen, Lexus

Christian, Madi

Cocanower, Ana

Courtney, Faith

Dehart, Jamie

Dooyema, Samantha

Elizondo, Kassandra

Hamilton, Amanda

King, Grace

Lance, Maia

Lee, Faith

Lenk, Rileigh

Lillie, Leianna

Maness, Sierra

Rogers, Ashley

Warren, Joanna

Ybarra, Monica

2017-2018 Cy-Fair Singers

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Congrats on all who tried out! We are proud of all of you!

Below is the list of who made Cy-Fair Singers for the 2017-2018 school year.


Emma White

Hadley Greene

Macey Parr

Rachel Akins

Sam Haydel

Taja Jones


Hannah Grape

Katelynn Lempicki

Madalyn Raia

Madeline Faria

Madison Haydel

Serena Scasny


Chandler Ellison

Darius Wilson

Derek Parker

Isaiah Chirip

Kyle Wall

Michael Romano


Bobby Reyes

Jonathan Killough

Kellen Long

Minh Tran

Silvino Don

Zachary Johns


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Hello Students and Parents,

A lot of scholarship information has gone out to students this week and I want to make sure you are up to date with it all.

The following scholarships are for Seniors only:

Jed Ragsdale Scholarship

Eddie Quaid Scholarship

The following scholarships are for next school year’s Sophomore through Seniors:

Voice Lesson Scholarship

All-State Camp Scholarship

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

-Mr. Likos